Eating out

There are many ways to get delicious food in Munich. Depending on the money and time you want to spend we have listed a few possibilities:

Cheap and fast (you are not hungry after spending 5-10 DM and 10 minutes)
All bakeries offer a big variety of buns, rolls, breads, cakes and croissants. Some of them have also savoury tings like little pizzas or sausages.
Most butchers have especially from morning till afternoon some small hot dishes, like the famous Bavarian delicatessy Leberkäse. You can have rolls with whatever you choose from the display. Also salads are available.
In some areas of the city you find turkish or greek restaurants which sell Döner Kebab and Gyros, which are rolls filled with grilled meat, vegetables and a yogurt sauce. Of course some of the big fast food chaines have their restaurants in Munich, so you don´t have to miss McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

Bavarian (normal dish from 12-20DM)
There are still a lot of Bavarian restaurants which offer mainly local dishes for reasonable prices. Probably the most famous amongst them is Schweinebraten mit Knödel(pork with a potato dumpling), but there are quite a few more which are worth trying.
International Restaurants

Munich has a big variety of international cuisine, from almost every part of the world you can find somebody cooking for you.
We choose a couple of them, our focus was on a good relation between the value you get and the money you pay.

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