Driving in Munich is a civilised thing compared to many other cities in the world. People drive according to the rules and and take traffic signs and red lights for serious. Mainly because it is somehow included in the German character but also because the police is watching the traffic carefully and some fines can be quite painful, especially if they lead to a loss of your driving license.
In Gernany like in every other European country you drive on the right. Drivers have to be at least 18 years old. UK citizens need a national driving license and US citizens an international driving license. All vehicles have to be ensured, to have a green card can be helpful. Also a nationality plate is required.
Seat belts have to be worn in all seats of the car, children are only allowed to sit on the front seat if they are at least 12 years of age.
Your car needs also a warning triangle, a first aid kit and rubber gloves(anti AIDS).
Don't drink and drive! Even if the blood alcohol limit for drivers is 0,5 ml/g, which allows you e.g. to drink one or two beers, some insurance companies may not honour their commitment if the insured party had any alcohol at all in their blood. It is very easy to get everywhere in the city without a car and if you had a drink to much, just let your car stay where it is and call a Taxi or use public transport. Police is checking drivers if they had drunken alcohol quite regularly at night time, so the chance to get away with it is not that high that it is worth the risc.
Police in Munich uses installed speed traps as well as mobile radar pistols. They hide behind a car, check your speed and force you to stop and pay if you were speeding. Some private radio stations give their listeners a hint where the police is currently checking.
There are also some policemen in civil clothing driving in normal cars.
You don't have to pay for motorways, but some drivers might not be used to the written and unwritten rules of driving there.
A written rule is to drive on the right lane whenever it is possible, the other lanes are only for overtaking. The fact is that people in their fast and sporty cars( mainly BMW and Mercedes drivers) only drive on the left lane and expect you to get out of their way quickly, even if you just overtake a truck or a slower driver. They might flash you and get close to your rear bumper until you finally leave. This is illegal and you can sue them if you have a proof, but it still happens quite often.

The speed limits are as follows:

built-up areas, smaller streets 30 kmh 19 mph
built-up areas, normal street 50 kmh 31 mph
built-up areas, big street 60 kmh 37 mph
outside built-up areas 100 kmh 62 mph
motorway( Autobahn ) no limit 130 kmh recommended

In case of breakdowns on the Autobahn you should follw the little arrows on the guardline to find the nearest emergency telephone.

All statements without engagement.