Shopping in Munich


This pages will give you a short overview about shopping in Munich from daily needs to luxury.

Munich is no shopping destination, esp. if you compare the town with Hong Kong or Singapore. The Germans also do not know what others call a "shopping holiday". However, Munich is still big enough to get what you want.

Opening hours for shops are from about 9:00 am to 8:00 p.m., smaller shops, esp. if not in the city centre, may even close at 6:00 p.m. If you need some junk food or tampons late at night you may try the shops in petrol stations, railway stations (actually only Hauptbahnhof) or the airport (no good idea, it is 45 minutes out of town!). Be aware that not only petrol can be burned, your money burns there, too. "Kiosks", often found close to underground stations, sell mainly newspapers but also alcoholics, cigarettes and sweets.

Germany is a cash payment country, however, mayor credit cards are well accepted in most shops, but the bill should be at least 20.- Euro. You should not expect supermarkets to accept any plastic. ATMs are not far away, you can withdraw money with your EC or Maestro card everywhere, with Visa (also Plus) and Mastercard (also Cirrus) from nearly all ATMs, Amex works also with many cash dispensers. Traveller cheques are usually not accepted, you have to change them in a bank or post office. You should not expect anybody to accept a non-German personal cheque, even banks can cause you trouble. Some larger stores accept foreign currencies, watch out for the "we accept your currency" sign - and run away quickly. The exchange rates are horribly poor, we definitely do not recommend to waste you money on this way.